An update to our menu and footer has launched

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Our revamped menu is now expandable, with a new ‘Help’ tab, while Intrastat access has moved to near the top of the homepage.

An update to our menu and footer

We’ve made this change in response to user feedback. Now it's easier to find what you need from any page on the site.

Our new expandable menu

You will now find a list of links under each menu item. These will help you locate different features of the site, including the Bulk data sets and the Overseas trade custom table.

Three new links above the ‘Featured’ section

This Intrastat service remains active as normal but the link has moved to this area.

Alongside the Intrastat link, you will also find a new link to UK Trade Info news, as well as the Trade Data page for easier access to the custom tables.

New ‘Help’ in menu

You will also notice that there is a new menu item called ‘Help’. This will help you find guides to using the tools on the site.

The new ‘Forms’ page available on this site can now be found under the new ‘Help’ menu item.

Change to the site’s footer

We’ve also revamped the footer of the site, which now contains handy links to areas you may need from any page. This includes a link to the news archive as well as various HMRC statistics pages from GOV.UK

Contacting us

You will find our contacts details are now under the ‘Help’ menu item

Other changes

You may have noticed changes on some other pages. In response to user feedback, the Trade data page has been updated. There is now a contents list for easier navigation, plus links to the customisable data tables have been highlighted.

The overseas custom data table and regional custom data table also feature some changes. We’ve added an introduction above the embedded tables. This includes a link to a help page and symbol key  The guidance below each table has been revamped to make them easier to read

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