Latest bulk datasets

This section is Datasets

Find large volumes of data that you can download to use with your own analytical or database software.

These large datasets are designed for bulk data users. If you only need a small extract of this data, use our interactive data tables.

Before you use these datasets, read our bulk dataset guidance and technical specifications.

Control files (SMKA12)

These files include descriptions of each 8-digit commodity code and the standard abbreviations for units.

Exports (BDSExpYYMM)

Data for goods exported from the UK.

Imports (BDSImpYYMM)

Data for goods imported to the UK.

Importer and exporter details

This data contains names and addresses of:

  • UK importers and exporters that trade with non-EU countries and
  • GB exporters and importers trading with EU countries.

Import data by preference

Data for goods imported to the UK broken down by eligibility and by import trade regime. Please see our Terms and Conditions should you decide to reuse our data.

On 19 June 2023 the Developing Countries Trading Scheme (DCTS) replaced the UK's Generalised Scheme Preferences (GSP).

Earlier datasets

You can find earlier versions of these files in our bulk datasets archive.

Revisions to datasets

These datasets include revisions to past month' trade, therefore each dataset is a full replacement of the previous published dataset.

You will need to take this into account when using this data.

You can find details of these corrections in trade statistics methodology.