Codes Used For Supplementary Units

Codes used for coding additional units come from the recommendation N'20,concerning codes of the measuring units used in the international trade , drawn up by the task force on Facilitation of Trade Procedure and published by the United Nations Economic commision for Europe.


CN Abbrevation CN Description
c/k Carats (1 metric carat = 2 × 10-4 kg)
ce/el Number of cells
ct/l Carrying capacity in tonnes<1>
g Gram
gi F/S Gram of fissile isotopes
GT Gross tonnage
kg C5H14ClNO Kilogram of choline chloride
kg H2O2 Kilogram of hydrogen peroxide
kg K2O Kilogram of potassium oxide
kg KOH Kilogram of potassium hydroxide (caustic potash)
kg Kilogram of methylamines
kg N Kilogram of nitrogen
kg NaOH Kilogram of sodium hydroxide (caustic soda)
kg/net eda Kilogram drained net weight
kg P2O5 Kilogram of diphosphorus pentaoxide
kg U Kilogram of uranium
kg 90 % sdt Kilogram of substance 90 % dry
1,000 kWh  Thousand kilowatt hours
l Litre
l alc. 100% Litre pure (100 %) alcohol
1,000 l Thousand litres
m Metre
m2 Square metre
 m3 Cubic metre
1,000 m3 Thousand cubic metres
pa Number of pairs
p/st Number of items
100 p/st Hundred items
1,000 p/st Thousand items
TJ Terajoule (gross calorific value)
- No supplementary unit