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How to use ICN Online

You can use this search to look up a heading or to find commodity codes that have certain text within their descriptions.

For example, if you think you know the correct code for your goods but are not sure, simply enter the first 4 digits of that code (e.g 6401) and click the search button. This will produce a list of all commodity codes (and goods description) beginning with those 4 digits.

If you want to search for Commodity Codes by their descriptions then enter the word or phrase (e.g. 'vehicles' or 'motor vehicles') you are looking for and click search button. If you are uncertain of the exact description of the goods, simply enter part of the word with an asterisk and it will match with any appropriate descriptions, e.g. mitt* will match with mittens.

When deciding which commodity code is appropriate, you should read the relevant chapter notes.



Copying to Intrastat online declaration form

To copy and paste a commodity code from ICN Online onto the Intrastat online declaration form, use the green commodity code without spaces, as any other format will be rejected by the system.
For example:
Commodity code not accepted - 1234 56 78
Commodity code accepted - 12345678
ICN Online also lists the supplementary unit codes required and commodity codes for which the provision of net mass is optional.
You can find more information about Intrastat by viewing the Intrastat Pages
Further assistance with classifying your goods can be obtained by emailing Classification Enquiries.
If you would like to send any comments or suggestions about ICN Online, please contact us.

Further Assistance

Further assistance with classifying your goods can be obtained by emailing Classification Enquiries.

ICN Commodity Codes and Descriptions(.xls)

Commodity Codes for 2020.

ICN Online terms and conditions

HM Revenue & Customs make ICN Online available as a public service to facilitate electronic access to commodity codes for the purposes of using our interactive data tables and as a guide for Intrastat.
Users requiring codes for Customs purposes (e.g. duty related) are advised to use the Online UK Trade Tariff tool where appropriate terms and conditions are available.
ICN Online users should be aware that in any case where information is at variance with that contained in the appropriate Community legislation published in the Official Journal of the European Communities, the latter will represent the correct legal position.
You can find the Official Journal on the European Union Europa website.


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