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Overseas Trade StatisticsApr 201910 Jun 2019View
Regional Trade StatisticsQuarter 1-201906 Jun 2019View
Alcohol DutyApr 201931 May 2019View
Air Passenger DutyMar 201930 Apr 2019View


  • Overseas Trade in Goods Statistics (OTS) for the month of April 2019 Read more10 Jun 2019
  • Regional Trade in goods Statistics Q1 2019 Read more06 Jun 2019
  • Latest Tax & Duty Bulletin Read more31 May 2019
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  • GSS Data Project Read more

    16 Jul 2018Status:Closed
  • Improving Government Statistical Service (GSS) statistics/data Read more

    19 Feb 2018Status:Closed
  • Launch of Eurostat questionnaire on Intrastat admin burdens Read more

    08 Feb 2016Status:Closed
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Welcome to UKTradeInfo

uktradeinfo is the HM Revenue & Customs portal for the publication and hosting of UK trade statistics data. We provide regular statistical releases on overseas trade in goods, including allocation by region, whilst providing commentary and data for both EU and Non-EU trade, and trader characteristics.

For those users interested in detailed information we also provide an interactive data tool allowing you to create and share custom tables.




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UK World Trade Data

The UK World Trade Data (April, 2019) chart showing 17435031497 series, 19864883247 series, 12477738046 series, 19898744922 series.
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