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  • Export Week 2014
    Read more10 Apr 2014
  • Consultation on the simplification of Intrastat
    Read more02 Apr 2014
  • Withdrawal of support for IE6 browser
    Read more25 Mar 2014
  • EU Overseas Trade Statistics (OTS) for January 2014
    Read more18 Mar 2014
  • Change in Methodology: Inclusion of Non-Monetary Gold in OTS
    Read more18 Mar 2014
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Withdrawal of support for IE6 browser25 Mar 2014

uktradeinfo will no longer be supporting users of the Internet Explorer 6 (IE6) web browser, due to its incompatibility with planned software upgrades. These upgrades are required to improve the interactive functions of the site and the user experience of the vast majority who use more advanced and secure browsers. We would encourage the very small number of IE6 users to update their browser in the near future, to ensure uninterrupted access to our site.