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  • UK Non-Financial Business Economy Interactive Wheel infographic
    Read more25 Nov 2013
  • Chief Entries -Chapter 22: KILOGRAMMES (Box 38) and LITRES (Box 41): Completion guidance
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  • UK Trade in Goods by Business Characteristics 2009 to 2012 - (Experimental Statistics)
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  • Exporters and importers in Great Britain, 2012
    Read more15 Nov 2013
  • Statistical threshold: sterling figure to apply for 2014
    Read more25 Oct 2013
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UK Non-Financial Business Economy Interactive Wheel infographic25 Nov 2013

The Office for National Statistics (ONS) have launched a new Interactive Wheel to allow users to investigate which sectors contribute most to the UK Non-Financial Economy. Focus on the Business Economy as a whole or each sector and switch between aGVA, Turnover and Purchases.