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Below Threshold Trade Allocation Changes03 Mar 2015

From the January 2015 month of account, HMRC will be changing the way it publishes Below Threshold Trade Allocation (BTTA) estimates within the interactive data tables on uktradeinfo. In future, BTTA estimates will be aggregated and published at HS2 Chapter (harmonised system) and country, rather than being displayed at commodity code (CN8) level. This change is part of a staged implementation of improvements recommended in a report published in June 2014, in collaboration with ONS' Methodology Section and follows a public consultation regarding BTTA estimates in July 2014.

Changes to the interactive data tables will first be visible to the user from 12 March 2015, when January 2015 Overseas Trade Statistics data is published. Earlier data will not be affected (BTTA estimates will not be identified separately prior to January 2015, having been included in data totals at commodity code (CN8) level). The downloadable data files comprising the entire dataset for the month will remain unchanged, in order that the HS2 Chapter level aggregates can be calculated by the user.

The next stage of enhancement will be the introduction of methodology changes to improve the calculation of the BTTA estimates. This will be announced and introduced in the near future.