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  • Pre-announcement: Overseas Trade Statistics (OTS), April 2015
    Read more01 Jun 2015
  • Pre-announcement: Regional Trade Statistics (RTS) - Revisions to Data
    Read more26 May 2015
  • Change to the Ancillary Cost Survey
    Read more20 May 2015
  • Introducing UK Perspectives - A new statistical series from the ONS
    Read more18 Mar 2015
  • Combined Nomenclature - proposed changes for 2016
    Read more18 Mar 2015
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Pre-announcement: Regional Trade Statistics (RTS) - Revisions to Data 26 May 2015

There are revisions to RTS as a result of an enhancement to the way trade is regionally distributed. These will be applied in the quarter one 2015 release published on 4 June 2015. All RTS data from 2013 onwards has been revised to implement this change. This allows us to make year on year comparisons in the 2015 quarter one release on the same basis.

The change has predominantly resulted in EU trade that was previously allocated to the Unknown region now being allocated to the region where the main reporting unit of the business is located. It will also affect smaller amounts of non-EU trade.