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Inclusion of Non-Monetary Gold in OTS: Error in Interactive Tables13 Mar 2014

Yesterday we published the Non-EU Overseas Trade Statistics (OTS) data for January 2014. This release included Non-Monetary Gold data for the first time, back dated to January 2005.

We have discovered an error in the import trade displayed in the interactive database tables, relating to the seven commodity codes affected (i.e. 71081100, 71081200, 71081310, 71081380, 71090000, 71123000 and 71129100). This has been caused by the erroneous inclusion of ex-warehouse trade, the impact of which is that import totals and commodity values have been slightly inflated in the years 2005 to 2012. We have prepared a spreadsheet that gives details of these discrepancies.

This issue does not affect any other commodity code data in the interactive database, nor does it affect export trade. The January 2014 Non-EU OTS release and summary tables, pre-prepared data outputs and tables associated with the Non-Monetary Gold announcements are not affected.

Please note that these discrepancies will be corrected in the next release of the Non-EU OTS on 9 April 2014.