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  • Proposals to remove Combined Nomenclature Commodity/Tariff Codes
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Importing or Exporting? Need to classify your goods?27 Jun 2011

Are you aware of an official EU classification guide designed to clarify some of the many complex products traded?

The Combined Nomenclature Explanatory Notes (CNENs) seek to offer guidance on what products fall within Commodity Codes, and clarification on where certain goods are to be classified.

The CNENs are by no means exhaustive, but they do cover many products that have caused classification uncertainty.

Here is an example of the sort of information that may be available, according to the product/code etc. Mobile phones.

Other helpful links include:

  • The Explanatory Notes to the Combined Nomenclature of the European Union (CNENs)
  • Classification Guides - covering specific (complex) goods/sectors