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  • HMRC Trade Statistics have released the results of the 2010 quinquennial review of the Ancillary Costs Survey (ACS).
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  • Notice of a change to non-EU exports reference periods
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  • Methodology paper for the Overseas Trade Statistics (OTS)
    Read more14 Jan 2011
  • Due Date Survey
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Methodology paper for the Overseas Trade Statistics (OTS)14 Jan 2011

The methodology paper covers all aspects of the OTS methodology – data sources, classifications and definitions, quality assurance, publications and governance. It is a useful companion to the trade data, providing the definitions and methodologies on which the data are based.

The link to the report is here.

Previously, the OTS methodology formed part of a joint methodology document that was published in conjunction with the Office for National Statistics (ONS), and included details of the Balance of Payments time series. This is therefore the first published methodology document that solely concentrates on the Overseas Trade Statistics.

If you have any questions concerning this document please email Trade Statistics Customer Services.