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  • 2007-2011 Non-EU Revisions - Full Report
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2007-2011 Non-EU Revisions - Full Report09 Jul 2014

Following quality assurance and checking procedures, Trade Statistics has identified a number of areas where businesses had omitted trade from their original declarations or declared trade in an incorrect classification code.

Given the scale of the changes, HMRC will revise the trade figures for:

  • 1 commodity code for 2007
  • 2 commodity codes for 2008
  • 1 commodity code for 2009
  • 1 commodity code for 2010
  • 4 commodity codes for 2011

These revisions will be released on 10th July 2014 in conjunction with the latest 2014 Non-EU trade estimates.

The full 2007-2011 Non-EU Revisions report will be available from the Suppressions and Revisions page also on 10th July 2014.

Changes to the Regional Trade Statistics will be made at a later date.