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  • Evaluation Survey of the web site
    Read more21 Mar 2011
  • HMRC Trade Statistics have released the results of the 2010 quinquennial review of the Ancillary Costs Survey (ACS).
    Read more27 Jan 2011
  • Notice of a change to non-EU exports reference periods
    Read more18 Jan 2011
  • Methodology paper for the Overseas Trade Statistics (OTS)
    Read more14 Jan 2011
  • Due Date Survey
    Read more07 Jan 2011
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Evaluation Survey of the web site21 Mar 2011

We are keen to ensure that as many users as possible engage in this survey and would therefore like to invite you to participate.
If you are prepared to share your views, please complete the Evaluation Survey which can be found in the Consultation area of the site.
The closing date for the survey is Monday 11 April