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  • How to build a single commodity table - video tutorial
    Read more20 May 2014
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How to build a single commodity table - video tutorial20 May 2014

As part of our continuing drive to improve our customers self-serve capabilities, we have released the first of a series of video tutorials (via the HMRC YouTube channel) on how to use the build your own tables function available on uktradeinfo.
This first tutorial shows how to build a table using a single commodity code. We are planning future tutorials showing how to build tables:
  • for One Country
  • for One Country, One Commodity Code and Port Details
  • for Multiple Commodity Codes
  • Covering Multiple Years
  • Adding Net Mass and/or Supplementary Units
  • Changing the Flow (Import, Export, Arrivals and Dispatches)
We would appreciate your feedback on the first and planned tutorials, and any suggestions for other content you would like to see covered. You can email us at: