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  • Notice of a change to non-EU exports reference periods
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  • Restructuring of the Harmonised System (HS) in 2012
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Notice of a change to non-EU exports reference periods18 Jan 2011

The change will align non-EU exports reference periods with calendar months.

This will take affect from February 2011 OTS data first published 12th April 2011, and the first quarter 2011 RTS data published 9th June 2011.

Currently exports reference periods are closed two/three working days before the calendar month end. This was originally done for operational reasons that are now no longer required.

This change is required for compliance with Extrastat legislation, and to bring export periods into line with imports, arrivals and dispatches.

There are no changes to the data fields, data formats or dates of publication.

High level backcast tables will be published to illustrate the impact on the time series. These will be provided in March, April and May 2011.