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  • Proposal to amend Tariff/Commodity codes for fuel products within Chapter 27
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  • Experimental Statistics on Currency of Invoicing for 2010 - Please send us your comments by Friday 27 July!
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  • Data published by Eurostat – Announcement of revisions to UK historical data for gold
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  • Proposals to amend Tariff/Commodity codes (Wood Briquettes and Aluminium alloys)
    Read more09 May 2012
  • Low value Consignment Commodity Code 9950 0000
    Read more13 Jan 2012
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Low value Consignment Commodity Code 9950 000013 Jan 2012

This is a reminder that commodity code 9950 0000 is still valid for Intrastat purposes. This code can be used to classify goods with a value of £180 or less (see paragraph 20.2 of Notice 60 Intrastat General Guide).

Customs Information Paper (CIP) (11) 41 set out that this commodity code could no longer be used for import Customs declarations from 1 July 2011 but this refers to imports from non-EU Member States. We can confirm that commodity code 9950 0000 can still be used for Intrastat purposes (subject to the rules set out in paragraph 20.2) and we have no plans to withdraw this concession.