Bulk datasets: archive

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Find an archive of previous versions of our bulk datasheets, which you can download to use with your own analytical or database software.

These large datasets are designed for bulk data users. If you only need a small extract of this data, use our interactive data tables.

You can find more recent data in the latest bulk datasets.

Before you use these datasets, read our bulk dataset guidance and technical specifications.

Import data by preference 2022 onwards

Data for goods imported to the UK broken down by eligibility and by import trade regime.

Imports by Preference data 2021

The 2021 preference data published in this archive represents Overseas Trade Statistics by:

  • preferential use
  • eligibility.

While the methodology for 2021 data is the same as for the Imports by Preference data series, the trade data used is different.

This is due to the operation of Staged Customs Controls during 2021. As a result 2021 data is missing any trade value that was not collected on a customs declaration. So this data is not comparable with the Imports by Preference data series.

Revisions to datasets

These datasets are subject to full replacement for each release, including new revisions made since the last release. You will need to take this into account when using this data. 

You can find details of these corrections in trade statistics methodology.