Response to the consultation on the review of bulk dataset file releases

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HM Revenue and Customs’ (HMRC) Trade Statistics & Customs Analysis unit has concluded a consultation on our series of options for the future of our bulk dataset file releases and published a response.

HMRC ran a consultation between 23rd July and 2nd September 2021 in which we proposed a series of options for the future of our bulk dataset file releases.

The bulk dataset files hosted on have been published in the current format for over 20 years, whilst other trade data releases have all been recently updated and incremented to meet demand and legislative requirement (e.g. the Overseas Trade Statistics (OTS) interactive data table function and the API). We commissioned a project to evaluate the future requirement for these files, to ensure they meet customer need, whilst adhering to legal requirements regarding statistical disclosure control and protecting confidentiality.

Based on the responses we have received we have decided to continue to release bulk dataset files, but in a new structure and format. We will publish new bulk dataset files from March 2022 (Jan 2022 OTS publication) onwards.

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