Release by HMRC of GB to EU Exporter information in 2021

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The HMRC exporter details facility will be extended in March 2021 to include exporter’s details for any business that is UK VAT registered and exports goods from GB to the EU.

UK VAT registered exporter information

HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) already publishes exporter information for UK trade with non-EU countries. From 12 March 2021 the exporter details published on will be extended to include exporter’s details for any business who is UK VAT registered and exports goods from GB to the EU.

The publication of these details aims to provide better services to businesses. This information note sets out what HMRC will publish, why it is important to trade, what is not published and how exporters can opt-out.

HMRC will publish the following information of UK VAT registered exporters who have exported goods from GB to EU:

  • exporter’s name and address
  • commodity code exported
  • description of the commodity code
  • month and year of export

The release of this exporter information:

  • provides greater visibility of UK exporters to new customers in the global market place
  • assists developers to create exporter registers and online shop fronts to advertise and showcase UK exporters and their products
  • enables those who provide export services to more easily identify their customers
  • helps overseas importers to locate alternative UK suppliers

We will not publish:

  • national strategic and sensitive information, such as armaments exporters and their products
  • commercially sensitive information, for example where there are few exporters of a given product where actual levels of trade could be identified or deduced
  • details of markets, customers and market share

If you want your exporter information excluded, for whatever reason and at any time, contact providing your business name and VAT number.

Please note: a request to exclude your business from the exporter information sent to us by the day 15th of the month will mean removal from the information published the following month. For example, if you send in your request by 15 February 2021, we will make sure your information is not published in the January 2021 publication which is released on 12 March 2021.

However, this cannot apply retrospectively so we will not be able to remove information on exporter information already published.

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