Combination of EU and Non-EU Asymmetries Releases

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Notification of the EU & Non-EU Asymmetries releases being combined following an earlier consultation.

As referred to in a previous news article HMRC ran a consultation on the content of our Asymmetries releases and we have subsequently decided to reduce the size of the commentary.

Further to this, the data source for our EU Asymmetries releases is now UN Comtrade, the United Nations International Trade Statistics Database, rather than Eurostat’s Comext database which has been used for previous EU Asymmetry releases. This is to align sources going forward across all releases in the asymmetry series; and also to ensure consistent, quality (accuracy and coverage) data throughout the time periods within individual releases.

Consequently, we will be including both EU and Non-EU asymmetries trends in one combined commentary going forwards, though we will ensure that the EU and Non-EU asymmetry data are provided in separate accompanying tables to continue providing maximum value to our users.

We will, therefore, not be publishing an EU Asymmetries release in Winter 2022 but look forward to sharing our new combined EU & Non-EU Asymmetries release with our users in May 2023.

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