Additional Trader search improvements

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A response to customer feedback on the new Find UK Trader function on UK Trade Info.

You said, we did: Recent updates to our Find UK Traders feature

Sample table view of trader details and types of trade

After reviewing initial user feedback, we have made some changes to the ‘Find UK traders’ search feature. We have delivered a ‘tabular view’ and matching download option giving greater choice and functionality to users in how they wish to consume this information. More detail on the initial changes are below:

You said:

‘I don’t just want to just see a list of trader names, more information on product and description is needed’

‘When results I returned, I want to see the trader name, product traded and when. This is what is useful….’

We did:

We added the option allowing users to see more detailed information in a tabular view while still retaining an option to view Trader search results as a list. Both options also offer the results as a downloadable CSV file giving users control over what best suits their needs.

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