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What is the ICN?

ICN Online is a searchable web tool that you can use to find appropriate commodity codes to help with your Intrastat declaration, or to use in our interactive trade data tables. It is updated annually every January, in time for new calendar year trade declarations and data releases.


About ICN Online

ICN Online is based upon a common system of product classification known as the Harmonised System (HS). Agreed by the World Customs Organisation (WCO), it is used by virtually all countries of the World. The numerical system starts with very broad groupings (known as Sections) of products as an entry point. These groups divide into 2 digit breakdowns (known as Chapters) consisting of 97 broad product categories. Each of these are further subdivided into 4 and 6 digit classifications, covering over 6,000 product headings. Further subdivision into over 9,000 8 digit classifications provides greater product detail for EU purposes. This most detailed level of classification is known as the Combined Nomenclature (CN). For example:
Code System Section/Chapter Product
N/A HS Section I Live animals; animal products (chapters 01-05)
04 HS Chapter 04 Dairy produce; birds eggs; natural honey etc.
0406 HS Chapter 04 Cheese and curd
040640 HS Chapter 04 Blue-veined cheese and other cheese containing veins produced by Penicillium roqueforti
04064010 CN Chapter 04 Roquefort
04064050 CN Chapter 04 Gorgonzola
04064090 CN Chapter 04 Other

Using the ICN

There are 2 ways of using ICN Online. You can use the Section/Chapter groupings to drill down from 2 digit to 8 digit classifications by clicking on the product name (shown in blue font), or by clicking on the + symbol.

You can search ICN Online using the site search at the top of each web page, by entering: the first 4 digits of a code; a description (e.g. product of milk), or a specific name (e.g. cheese or Gorgonzola). If you are uncertain of the exact description of the goods, simply enter part of the word with an asterisk (*) and all appropriate matches will be available from the site search results page.

When deciding which commodity code is appropriate, please ensure you read the relevant chapter notes accessible within the table or as a download in the Download Section tab.

Customers seeking commodity codes for Customs purposes are advised to use the Online UK Trade Tariff tool.

Copying 8 digit codes to the Intrastat online declaration form

ICN Online displays 8 digit commodity codes in 2 formats, one for ease of on-screen viewing, the other for using in online declaration systems. If you want to copy and paste an 8 digit code onto the Intrastat online declaration form, please use the green code without spaces. Other formats will be rejected by the system.

For example:
Commodity code not accepted - 1234 56 78
Commodity code accepted – 12345678