Overseas Trade Statistics

OTS data are published in accordance with the National Statistics Code of Practice for Official Statistics. This area provides access to a number of products created from data collected by HMRC's statistical and administrative systems. This dataset relates to international trade in goods data.

Regional Trade Statistics

International trade in goods data has been used to compile National Statistics for the 9 Government Office Regions in England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. The UK Regional Trade Statistics quarterly releases are available here with supporting metadata

Build your own Data Tables

You will be able to access our most detailed OTS data (at 4-digit or 8-digit commodity code levels) and build your own tables. View data for the commodities, trading partners and periods that specifically interest you. Standard International Trade Classification (SITC) data. You can export your table in various formats or save your table for up to three months. The system will store the details of the saved table view so that when you re-enter the saved URL you will see the table view you selected to save.

Data Downloads 

Downloadable versions of the Overseas Trade Statistics datasets and importers details are now available. They are large, delimited text files which are created to a standard format and primarily designed for bulk users of data.

Tax & Duty Bulletins

In addition to trade in goods data, HMRC is responsible for the production and publication of a number of National Statistics. The majority of these are hosted by the main HMRC website and can be found via the Related links in the right hand menu. A number of statistical bulletins and factsheets relating to the collection of duties, levies and Value Added Tax can be accessed here via the Statistical Bulletins link in the left hand menu.

Freedom Of Information

The Freedom of Information Act 2000 (FOIA) gives members of the public the right to request access to information held by HMRC. Although trade data is published and therefore already in the public domain, occasionally additional information is released under the terms of the FOIA. The released information can be accessed via the Freedom of Information link in the left hand menu.

TimeTable of Releases

The data available within this site are updated frequently. Details of the publication calendar can be accessed via the Timetable of Releases link in the left hand menu.