Step Two

How to complete your Intrastat Supplementary declaration

This step gives a detailed description on how to complete each box on your Intrastat Supplementary Declaration (SDs) and provides details of where you can get more information and advice. (See step 5 for links)
Arrivals Form
Screenshot of Intrastat Arrivals form
Dispatches Form
Screenshot of Intrastat Arrivals form

 Sending your data to us via the Internet

Please be aware you will require a separate username and password from the one you have to submit your EC Sales List & VAT Returns. Please click on the link to register to submit Intrastat. (Register for E Submissions.) This process takes up to 24 hours for you to receive your username & password via email.
When you register to submit online, please make sure you register as the trader. An Agent can submit a declaration on your behalf but must use their own UK VAT registration in the ‘Agent’ box on the SD.
If you have not received a username and password within 48 hours, please email
The Application has two methods of completion:

The online form

This is an ideal option for submitting small amounts of data using Arrival and Dispatch forms.

Offline option

This is the preferred option for submitting larger amounts of data, and uses a pre-prepared Excel spreadsheet.

Electronic Data Interchange (EDI)

To submit data electronically by email attachment, the file must be converted into the message format Electronic Data Interchange for Commerce and Transport (EDIFACT) which is a United Nations International Standard. EDI / EDIFACT.
An Internet application demonstration is available by clicking on the Electronic Submissions at Step 5.