Offline CSV File instructions:

The application is free to use and requires registration to obtain a username and password. these are the screens you will see when you access the system.
The offline option is a CSV file, this may sound technical but basically it is a file where the fields are separated by a comma. We have a pre-prepared Excel spreadsheet or a technical manual with the file format. 
Login screen
On the User Login screen, in lower case enter your username and password, click the login button. 
User options screen

The User Option screen gives you the option of changing your password. Click on Intrastat Online services for the main menu. 
Main Menu Screen
The Main Menu Screen features several options. Click on CSV Generator Tool for the pre-prepared Excel spreadsheet and CSV File Upload to submit a CSV file . 
CSV Generator Screen 

To create a CSV file click on Download CSV Generator the file consists of help-files and a pre-prepared worksheets. Save the file on your PC for future use. 
Pre-prepared Excel Spreadsheet 


Excel workbook consists of 5 worksheets. An introduction showing the format required for Trader and Agent, separate flowcharts for Trader and Agent, separate pre-prepared Excel spreadsheets with examples for Trader and Agent . Save the file on your PC for future use.
When creating a CSV file replace the dummy data with your own, save the file as a CSV (a save as option in Excel.) File is upload through the CSV File Upload screen in the Main Menu. 
CSV Upload File Screen 


To send the CSV file click on CSV File Upload on the Main Menu enter your file name or browse for your file and press enter. During submission your file will be validated errors will result in an Error submission screen an error free file will receive a Confirm Submission screen. 
Submission Error Screen
The Submission Errors screen highlights incorrect data, print screen for a list of all errors, press the Cancel button, return to the CSV file to amend. Correct errors then resubmit. 
Confirm Submission Screen


Where there are no errors a confirm screen displaying details of the submission will appear. To transmit the data click the Confirm button, to abort the transmission click the Cancel button 
Submission Status

This is a receipt of transmission, it has a unique submission reference number. It is advisable to record this number which can be used should any reason the data does not reach your account. 
Browse facility screen
Enter the period number press View Submissions this will show the number of files submitted for that period (if more than one file submitted select the appropriate file in the Available Submission box), click View Arrival/Dispatches 
View the selected file screen
Details of your file will appear ten at a time use the scroll bars at the bottom to view the whole file.