Letter 120 / 220

You have received a letter because the figures entered in box 9 on your VAT return suggest that the goods you import from the European Union exceed the current Intrastat threshold of £600,000 for Arrivals. The threshold is set at 250,000 for Dispatches in 2012.

Check the figures on your VAT return to ensure only the value of goods is included, not related services. Do not include:

  • Commission, legal and financial services
  • Insurance, freight and/or carriage (unless it is included with the cost of the goods)
  • Labour
  • Goods bought and sold within the EU but which do not actually enter or leave the UK.
If your figures on your VAT return are incorrect, please contact us by email or complete the amendment form.

Once your company's cumulative monthly imports from the EU exceed the Intrastat threshold your company is legally obliged to submit monthly Supplementary Declaration forms to HM Revenue & Customs. The data you send to us is used to produce trade statistics, an essential part of the UK Balance of Payments. It is therefore important that the information supplied is accurate. Failure to do so can result in penalty action being taken.

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