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Further Information

Intrastat: If you have a query regarding Intrastat procedures please see the Intrastat (Box 8 & 9) information on this page.

Other HMRC queries should be directed to the HMRC Contact Centres.



About Intrastat

This explains the whole procedure, from what Intrastat is, to how to complete the Intrastat Supplementary Declarations.


Intrastat Services

A set of online services, specifically designed to make Intrastat easier.

Services include:  
  • ICN Online - a fully searchable method to obtain the numeric commodity code for your goods
  • Notice 60 - the Intrastat General Guide
  • Information Sheets - to assist with some of the more complicated areas of Intrastat


Electronic Submission

The quick and easy way of submitting your data to us. You can choose to use either the Internet (all options available with an demo of the system,) or via Electronic Data Interchange (EDI), the transmission of data previously converted into the EDIFACT standard. Full details on how to prepare and submit your data can be found on these pages.


Step by Step Guide

This is a simple guide explaining the whole Intrastat process. This will assist you in completing your Intrastat Supplementary Declarations, legal requirements, record keeping and Intrastat visits


Register for E Submission

Registration form for submitting your Intrastat Supplementrary Declarations (SD) online.


Online Amendments

After submitting your Intrastat Data you discover an error or some of the information was incorrect you can provide the accurate data to us by using our Online Amendment form.


HMRC Online Intrastat Application

Link to the HMRC Intrastat internet application for submitting your declarations.