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Example of part of an EDIFACT message

123456782'CST++390120:122+A:105+10:112'LOC+35:ES+27:ES'MOA+5+123:ES'MOA+5+123:13248'MEA+ARR++G13:22080'RFF+ABE:0020331'TOD+++DDP'TDT+11++1'CST++390120:122+A:105+10: 112'LOC+35:ES+.


Electronic Data Interchange EDI

To submit data electronically by email attachment, the file must be converted into the message format Electronic Data Interchange for Commerce and transport (EDIFACT) which is a United Nations International Standard.

The Technical Specifications

The Trade Interface Specification (TIS) documents have been prepared covering all Single European Markets (SEM) and Simplified Procedures electronic data capture issues. They represent the latest knowledge that we have regarding data requirements and should allow you to design a system that will be able to transmit data.

Links to the EDIFACT TIS and Appendices

Main Document - version 4 Describes the general arrangement and scope ATS EDIFACT TIS

UNBUNZ TIS - Interchange Service Segments

Appendix A - SEMDEC, Single European Market declaration for Intra-EU Trade Statistics and / or VAT EC Sales Lists - UK Customs version

Appendix F - INSTAT, Single European Market declaration for Intra-EU Trade Statistics only-EU version acceptable in all Member States

Appendix G- SAVREC, Reconcilliation message for use with SEMDEC or INSTAT for all Intra-EU Trade Statistics.

Submitting the files

Transmission of the EDIFACT files can be received via email attachment. Details are in the technical specification.

For queries on the EDIFACT message

Queries or the transmission of the files should be sent by email to:


Transmissions only: