Online Amendments

Please note: The amendment form must only be used to change previously submitted data.
Any additional data must be submitted on a new Declaration, entering the period the movement of goods actually occurred.
These transactions should be declared at the earliest opportunity - do not wait until the end of the month to submit them.
If, after submitting your Intrastat Data you discover an error or some of the information was incorrect you can provide the accurate data to us by using our On-line Amendment Form.
This form contains only the mandatory fields and is suitable for past or current periods of data.
The top line of the amendment form should be completed using the original line details that have been submitted;
On the second line complete only the fields that need to be corrected, leaving the already correct data fields blank.
Note: No action is required on errors relating to the following fields, if the value of the error – on a single line of data - is below £10,000:
  • commodity code
  • value
  • country
  • period
Please ensure that the information listed below is entered on all the forms, using a separate form for each period and suite.
  • Your VAT number
  • Company details
  • Agent VAT number (if applicable)
  • Period format MM/YYYY
  • Suite
If you need a complete submission deleted or transferred to a different period please email with your VAT number, Name, position in the company and the relevant period details.

If the figures on your VAT return are incorrect, please complete the Box 8/9 Amendment form.