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Nil returns can be also be submitted by entering the period number and leaving the other fields blank.  

Although not mandatory, submitting nil returns will save reminders being issued.



The On-line electronic submission SD form is the perfect option for submitting a few lines of data. Type your data direct onto the Arrival or Dispatch form.

These fields have on-screen validation:

  • Value
  • Delivery Terms
  • Nature of Transaction
  • Country to/Country from
  • For invalid data a pop up box will appear giving the correct alternatives

These fields are validated during submission:

  • Commodity Code
  • Net Mass
  • Supplementary units
  • An error screen will appear highlighting errors for correction on the form.
  • Please note: only error free files can be transmitted.
For added security there is a 30 minute timeout restriction between login and submission. This takes the form of a count down timer which warns you at five minutes and again at one minute prior to being timed out. Pressing the submit button will give you another 30 minutes.
Please note, If you are timed out, all your data will be lost and you will need to log back in retype it.
If you have a lot of data to submit and the probability of being timed out is high, you may want to use the offline option (CSV) option. This does not have a time-out facility and will allow you enough time to submit your data.
To register for a username and password visit the Register page
To access the interactive demonstration Demo click here