Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

I have corrected the errors but when I upload the file I get errors on the header that I did not have before. Why is this?

CSV files are saved in a Scientific format when you open a CSV (Comma Separated Value) file in Excel some of the fields change. It can cause certain fields - like the VAT number - to disappear. It also removes the leading zero in a field which can affect fields such as the branch number, date, period number and commodity codes.

To resolve these issues:
  • For the VAT number, widen the field
  • To return the zeros click on field go to Format, the Cells. On the Number screen click on Text and then OK. Re-type the field and the zero will remain save the file and resubmit. Alternatively,
  • go to Format, then Cells. On the Number screen click on Custom, in right hand box and enter the number of zeros required (i.e 0000 for period). Click OK and the zero will return to the cell. Save the file and resubmit.

Why has the period number been rejected?

You may have entered it in the wrong format. The period number should be entered as month and year (mmyy) (with no spaces, hyphens (-) or slashes (/). E.g. August 2011 would be entered as 0811.

Why have I received a 'Bad header' message I uploaded my file?

The header details will be checked first. Any errors that occur will stop further validation and the Bad Header Screen will appear. The screen will show where the error occurs.

  • This could be caused by the company name not being the same as that on the Registration form, or
  • the company name is more than 32 characters (in which case shorten it to 32 characters).
  • The branch number, period number and date the leading zero will disappear when the file is opened in Excel. To return the zero change the field to a text field (highlight cell, click Format, then click Cells. On the Number screen highlight Text and click OK). If you retype your data, the zero will then remain.

Why have I got the error page 'no access' whilst using The Intrastat Electronic System?

It sounds like you were timed out and you need to log in again.
(To ensure the system is secure and that resources are not clogged up, each log in is given a thirty minute time limit.
This will be extended to another thirty minutes when you submit a csv file).

Why have I got the message 'Java error Null' whilst using The Intrastat Electronic System?

If you get this message it probably means that you were 'timed-out' before the confirmation screen was confirmed. Just log back in and confirm submission.

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