Further Information

Prepare your file throughout the month by using our pre-prepared Excel Spreadsheet (referred to as the CSV Generator Tool) then upload it at the end of the month.

Offline CSV

Intrastat using the Offline Option (CSV)

The offline option for submitting your Intrastat data over the internet is a Comma Separated Variable (CSV), it may sound technical but is basically a file where all the data is separated by a comma.
You may also be able to download/copy data from your accounts package onto the spreadsheet.
For large files up to 20,000 lines you have option of logging out of the system while staying connected to the Internet to allow the processing to continue.
The trader CSV file has one line of header details, with the second and subsequent lines being for data. The agent CSV file has two lines of header details with the third and subsequent lines for data.

Example of a trader CSV file when opened in Notepad.


There are two ways of preparing a CSV file:


Submitting the File

All CSV files uploaded through the application are validated during submission, errors are highlighted for correction. All errors must be corrected before uploading the file again. Only files free from errors can be successfully transmitted.