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Saving CSV Files

If you are not used to working with csv files, you may prefer to initially save the file as an Excel spreadsheet (.xls.) This will make it slightly easier to correct errors.

Resave the file as a .csv., click on "Save As" and in the "Save as type" box select CSV (Comma delimited)(*.csv) ​​

CSV Generator Tool

An easy way of preparing a CSV file is to use the 'CSV Generator Tool,' a pre-prepared Excel workbook that is downloaded from the "Intrastat Internet System" or available here, save on your PC for future use.
The file contains 5 worksheets:
The trader CSV file has one header row with subsequent lines for data.
The agent CSV file has two header rows with subsequent lines for data.

Preparing a file

Using the helpfile and the example worksheet copy your data over the example data.

Saving a file

Prepare your file then saves as a CSV a save as option in Excel.

Submitting a file

The prepared file is uploaded through the "CSV File Upload" function. During submission the file is validated, any errors found will generate an Error Submission screen (at this point the submission terminates.) Files without errors will generate a Please Confirm Submission screen, to transmit the file click the Confirm button the Cancel button will abort the file.
Please note: only error free files can be transmitted.