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Prepare your file throughout the month by using our pre-prepared Excel Spreadsheet (referred to as the CSV Generator Tool) then upload it at the end of the month.

You may also be able to download/copy data from your accounts package onto the spreadsheet.

CSV File

The offline option for submitting your Intrastat data over the internet is a Comma Separated Variable (CSV), each file can hold up to 20,000 lines of data, accessed by username and password through the Revenue & Customs website or through the uktradeinfo website.
The CSV option may sound technical but is basically a file where all the data is separated by a comma. The trader CSV file has one line of header details, with the second and subsequent lines being for data. The agent CSV file has two lines of header details with the third and subsequent lines for data.
Example of a trader CSV file: when opened in Microsoft Notepad:
T,98754321,100,TRADER,X,A,201009,0909,0705,CSV02  (Header Row) 
03055930,1400,EXW,10,456,,IT  (second and subsequent rows for data)


The format of a CSV file in Excel

COLUMN DATA (2nd and subsequent rows)
A T (always the same) A Commodity Code
B VAT Number B Value
C Branch Identification (if applicable) C Delivery Terms (if applicable)
D Company Name D Nature of Transaction
X = Live Data or
N = Nil Return
E Net Mass
A = Arrivals or
D = Dispatches
F Supplementary Units (if applicable)
G Date file created ddmmyy G Country of arrival or dispatch
H Period Number mmyy H Reference number (non mandatory)
I CSV02 (always the same) I
There are two ways of preparing a CSV file:

Submitting the File

Prepared CSV files are uploaded through the application. During processing validation checks are performed, errors are highlighted for correction. All errors must be corrected before uploading the file again. Only files free from errors can be successfully transmitted.

For larger files there is the option of logging off the system while staying connected to the Internet to allow the processing to continue. When logging back in you will see either the 'Submission Error' screen or the 'Submission Confirm' screen.

For a username and password, click on the to register button.  To Register

If you already have your user name and password you can go direct to the live system by clicking on the button below.