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Further Information

Additional information on the Statistical Territories of the European Union can be found in Notice 60 (para 2.5).













Statistical Territories


Country Code Included Excluded
Austria AT Jungholz; Mittelberg
Belgium BE All dependent/ associated territories
(Cyprus see note 1) CY UK Sovereign Base Area (see note 2)
Denmark DK Faroe Islands
Finland FI Aland Islands
France FR Monaco All French Overseas Departments and Territories (see note 3)
Germany DE Heligoland Busingen
Greece GR Mount Athos
Italy IT Livigno; Campione; D'Italia; San Marino; The Italian Waters of Lake Lugano; The Vatican
Netherlands NL All dependent/ associated territories
Portugal PT Azores; Maderia
Spain ES The Balearic Islands Ceuta; Melilla; Canary Islands (see note 4)
United Kingdom UK Channel Islands: Isle of Man Cyprus Sovereign Base; Gibraltar


Note 1 - Cyprus

Currently, the Government of the Republic of Cyprus does not exercise effective control in the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus (TRNC). The territory of the TRNC remains outside the EU.

More about Cyprus can be found in the Intrastat Information sheets.


Note 2 - UK Sovereign Base Areas

Supplies to the UK Sovereign Base Areas must be shown with the partner country code CY. These supplies can be zero rated for VAT under an extra statutory concession which came into force on 1 May 2004.


Note 3 - France

French Guiana (GF) Guadeloupe (GP) Martinique (MQ) and Reunion (RE) are part of the statistical territories of France. Trade statistics from these territories are collected from the Customs SAD form, and should not be declared on an Intrastat SD.


Note 4 - Spain

The Canary Islands (IC) are part of the statistical territory of Spain. Trade statistics from the Canary Islands are collected from the Customs SAD form, and should not be declared on an Intrastat SD.