Build a regional trade data table

Create your own customised regional custom trade data table. Use the filter controls to build what you need. Get help from our guide.

Note: Eraser icons at the top of each filter can be selected to clear them.

Change column headings

Trade direction


Keyboard navigation

There is a known issue in the software to do with exiting the interactive data reports on this page.

To exit the data table and access the page content below it, select the 'esc' key. You may need to select it more than once to exit the table.

Using the custom tables

Step by step guides for keyboard users of the interactive data tables are available on how to:

Keyboard shortcuts for Power BI

These are available by selecting Shift + Question Mark. Check Microsoft Power BI's extended list of keyboard shortcuts for more information.

End of report

You can download up to 30,000 rows of data using the CSV button or up to 150,000 rows using the export data function. To download larger datasets, we recommend using our API service.

Bookmark this page or copy the link to a safe place so you can come back to it later. You do not need to register to save a table.

Table guidance

Unknown data queries

Some data queries will return a term that is not known or collected.

Clear your filters

Click on this eraser symbol at the top of each filter to clear it and add new filters:

Eraser icon

Get help with your data table

Read our guide to help you create custom data tables and understand key terms.

Note that if you view HS data at 4- or 6- digit level, total values shown will not include the value of any suppressed data.