CDS Agreement - Schedule D

This section is Guidance

Schedule D - Example of a covering letter

When requesting reports the Purchaser must supply a covering letter via the Agreement form on company letter head , signed by an authorised individual and containing the two statements set out in the paragraphs below. The Purchaser must provide the date on which the Purchaser would like ongoing Data Reports to commence and/or the dates between which the Purchaser would like past Reports to cover.

Covering letter example

“I am writing to you to request that HMRC supply to [company name] CDS Reports to {cover the past period of [month and year 1] to [month and year 2]} {and CDS reports to} {begin from [date] and continue as an ongoing subscription}.

I, [name], declare that I am an authorised person on behalf of [company name] to provide confirmation of [company name]’s intention to purchase the CDS reports specified in the completed Agreement.

Signed: [authorised person], [position in company].”