Customs Declaration Service (CDS) Agreement Checklist

This section is Trade data

To help check your application for subscribing to CDS data is correct prior to sending the documents, use the bullet points listed below.

Covering Letter

Check you have included a covering letter (sent electronically) which:

  • Is on company headed letter.
  • Is signed by the authorised person.
  • States the dates/month the applicant requires historic/ongoing data to cover/begin.
  • Uses the standard wording in Schedule D, page 10, of the agreement, fill in the parts in square brackets ([…]) and includes the relevant wording in curly brackets ({…}).


Check you have completed each page of the CDS Agreement using the bullet points below.

Page 1

  • Match: The dates on page 1 and the covering letter match.
  • Name: Applicant (or 3rd party) company name is completed.
  • Historic: Wish to receive historic data and dates for data to cover are specified (if relevant).
  • Ongoing: Wish to receive data ongoing is specified and start month matches cover letter and above (if relevant).
  • Total: The Report options per month required are ticked.

Page 2

  • Postal address: Postal address of the applicant company is completed.
  • Emails & names: Up to three email addresses and names of email address holders are provided. Email addresses can be team/group ones.
    • Applicant or 3rd party applicant (if relevant).
    • Data recipient (if different to either of above).
    • Invoice recipient.
  • EORI: All required EORI numbers are provided.
  • Authorised: Authorised person (not 3rd party) is specified regarding:
    • Signature
    • Forename and surname
    • Company position.