Standard abbreviations used on the control file

This section is Trade data

A - E
AC Alternating current
A/C Aircraft
ACC Accessories
ADDN Addition
ADP Automatic data processing
AGL Agglomerated
AGR Agricultur (e) (al)
ALC Alcoholic
ALM Aluminium
ANA and DIG Analogue and digital
AMP Amplifier
APM Artificial plastic material
APP Apparatus
AROM Aromatic
ART Artificial
ASS Assembl (ed) (ing) (ies)
ATC Articulated
ATL Article (s)
ATT Attached
AUT Automatic (ally) automated
AUX Auxiliary
BEV Beverages
BF Bottle/flask
BITMN Bituminous
BLCHD Bleached
BLDG Building
BOTT Bottle (s)
BRIT British
C Centigrade
C/A Civil aircraft
CASS Cassette
CAP Capacity
CBM CUBIC METRE (S) - see also M3
CC Cubic capacity
CCT Carrying capacity in tonnes
CEL Cellulose
CERT Certified
CFY Confectionery
CG Centigramme
CH Chapter
CHEM Chemical (s) (ly)
CHLOR Chloride
CHOC Chocolate
CI Compression ignition
CIN Cinematograph (ic)
CM Centimetre
CM2 Square centimetre
CM3 Cubic centimetre
CNC Computer numerical control
CNT Concentrate (d) (s)
C/O Capable of operation
COAT Coating
COL Colours
COM Combination
COMP Composition (s)
COND Condensed
CON Continuous
CONSD Consigned
CONT Content
COTT Cotton
CPD Compound (s)
CPL Composition leather
CPU Central processing unit
C/R Cold rolled
CRD Crocheted
CRG Corrugated
CST Consist (ing)
CTD Constructed
CTG Containing
CTR Container (s)
CVG Covering (s)
CYL Cylindrically
DC Direct current
DEC Decoding
DECOR Decorated
D/ETCH Dryetching
DEV Developed
DEVI Device(s)
DG Degrees
DGNL Diagonal
DIA Diameter
DIFF Different
DIG Digital
DIS Discontinuous
DIST Distilled
DIV Division
DOM Domestic
DOZ Dozen
DPR Dozen pairs
DRAM Dynamic random access memory
DTEX Decitex
DUNG Dungarees
DVT Derivative (s)
EC European community
ECU European currency unit
EG For example
ELAST Elastomeric
ELE Electro, electric (al)
ELT Electronic
EMB Emboss (ed) (ing)
EMBR Embroider (y) (ed)
ENG Engines
EPROM Erasable, programmable, read only memory
EQP Equipment
ETC Et cetera
EUA European unit of account
EXC Except, exclud (ing) (ed)
EXD Exceed (ing) (ed)
EXP Exposed
EXT Extract (ed) (ing) (s)
EXTNL External
F - J
FAB  Fabric (s) (ated) 
FG  Fibre glass 
FIB  Fibres 
FIL  Filament (s) 
FLEX  Flexible 
FOB  Free on board 
FR  From 
FSD  Finished 
FTHR  Further 
FTW  Footwear 
GAB  Gaberdine 
GBQ  Giga bequerel 
GDS  Goods 
GEN  Generat (or) (ing) 
GFG  Grammes fine gold 
GFI  Grammes of fissile isotopes 
GHK  Hundred kilogramme gross 
GM  Gramme(s) 
GMSV  Guided missile system vehicles 
GMSSV  Guided missile system supply vehicles 
GMT  Garments 
GNL  Granulated 
GR  Gross 
GRAN  Granules 
GRD  Ground 
GRT  Gross register ton 
GVW  Gross vehicle weight 
H/C (HC)  Hydrocarbon 
HCO  Hydrocarbon oil 
HCS  High carbon steel 
HDG  Heading (s) 
HDGR  Headgear 
HDM  Hundred metres 
HKG  Hundred kilogrammes 
HKM  Hundred kilogrammes/ net mas 
HKN  Hundred kilogram drained net weight 
HL  Hectolitre 
HND  Hundred 
H/P  High pressure 
HPS  Hundred packs (of cards) 
HR  Hour 
H/R  Hot rolled 
HRT  Horticultural 
HT  Height 
IC  Internal combustion/integrated 
IE  That is 
ILM  Illuminating 
IMPR  Impregnated 
IMPT  Imported 
INC  Included 
INCORP  Incorporating 
IND  Industrial 
INFO  Information 
INL  Insulat (ed) (ing) 
INS  Instrument (s) 
INST  Instructions 
INT  Internal 
I/O  Input/output 
IU  100 international units 
JAC  Jacquard 
K - O
KCC  Kilogrammes of choline chloride 
KFG  Kilogrammes of fine gold 
KFI  Kilogrammes of fissile isotopes 
KG  Kilogramme (s) 
KGG  Kilogramme, gross 
KGN  Kg drained net wght 
KGU  Kilogrammes of uranium 
KHP  Kilogrammes of hydrogen peroxide 
KKH  Kilogrammes potassium hydroxide 
KKO  Kilogrammes potassium oxide 
KMA  Kilogrammes of methylamines 
KNI  Kilogrammes nitrogen 
KNT  Knitted 
KOD  Kilogrammes 90% dry 
KPA  Kilogrammes pure alcohol 
KPP  Kilogrammes phosphorus pentoxide 
KSH  Kilogrammes sodium hydroxide 
KTA  Kilogrammes of total alcohol 
KVA  Kilovolt amp 
KW  Kilowatt 
KWH  Kilowatt/hour 
LGTH  Length 
LHO  Litres of hyrocarbon oil 
LOCOS  Locomotives 
LPA  Litres of pure (100%) alcohol 
LS  Loudspeakers 
LT  Light 
L/T  Less than 
LTR  Litre 
LUB  Lubricating 
LWC  Light weight coated 
M3  CUBIC METRE (S) - see also CBM 
MAT  Material (s) 
MAX  Maximum 
MBAR  Millibar 
M/C  Machine (s) (ry) 
MCH  Mechanical (ly) 
MCT  Metric carat 
M/CYCLES  Motor cycles 
MDFD  Modified 
MEAS  Measuring 
MED  Medical 
MER  Mercerised 
MFD  Manufactured 
MFR  Manufacture (s) 
MG  Machine glazed 
MILL  Milling 
MIN  Minimum 
MISC  Miscellaneous 
MIX  Mixture (s) 
MM  Millimetre (s) 
MM2  Square millimetre 
M/MENT  Measurement 
MMF  Man made fibres 
MN  Manganese 
MNL  Mineral (s) 
M/P  Mechanically propelled 
MSS  Manuscripts 
MT  Tonnes 
M/T  More than 
MTD  Mounted 
MTR  Metre (s) 
MULT  Multiple(s) 
MV  Motor vehicle 
MWH  Megawatt hour 
NAT  Natural 
NE  Not exceeding 
NEG  Negative 
NES  Not elsewhere specified 
NET  Netting 
NFM  Not further manufactured 
NFP  Not further prepared 
NFS  Number of flasks 
NFW  Not further worked 
NI  Not including 
NKT  Number of kits 
NLT  Not less than 
NMP  Not mechanically propelled 
NMT  Not more than 
NO  Number 
NOC  Number of cells 
NOS  Number of sets 
N/INCP  Not incorporating 
NRS  Number of rolls 
NST  Number of suits 
O/  Outer 
O/GMT  Outer garments 
O/M  One or more 
OPTD  Operated 
O/T  Other than 
O/W  Otherwise 
P - T
PARA  Parameters 
PAT  Pattern(s) 
PB  Lead 
P/BD  Paperboard 
PBO  Lead oxide 
PCM  Piled cubic metres 
PDR  Powder (s) 
PDT  Product (s) 
PERF  Perforated 
PET  Polyethylene 
PH  Pharmaceutical 
PHO  Photographic 
PIC  Picture (s) 
PKG  Packages 
PKT  Packet (s) 
POEST  Polyester (s) 
P/O  Power operated 
POL  Polished 
POLYMSN  Polymerisation 
POLYS  Polymers 
POPR  Polypropylene 
POS  Positive 
PPR  Paper 
PPS  Purposes 
PR  Pair (s) 
PRD  Prepared 
PREDOM  Predominantly 
PRES  Presented 
PRF  Perforated 
PRO  Produced, production, producing 
PROC  Process (ed) (ing) 
PROM  Programmable, read only memory 
PRP  Preparation (s) 
PRS  Preserved 
PSV  Public service vehicles 
PT  Part (s) 
PTD  Printed 
PTG  Printing 
PVC  Polyvinyl chloride 
RAM  Random access memory 
REC  Recording 
RECT  Rectangular 
RECV  Receiving 
REFRIG  Refrigerating 
REG  Regenerated 
REP  Reproduction, reproducing 
RES  Resin 
RESIST  Resisting 
RET  Retail 
RETI  Reticles 
RFD  Refined 
RLY  Railway 
ROM  Read only memory 
RPG  Repairing 
R/R  Re-rolling 
SBS  Substitutes 
S/C  Self-contained 
SD  Sound 
SEMICON  Semiconductor 
SENS  Sensitized 
SEP  Separate (ly) 
SG  Specific gravity 
SGLE  Single 
SI  Spark ignition 
SIM  Similar 
SMKD  Smoked 
S & P  Sheets and plates 
SOP  Source of power 
S/P  Self-propelled 
SPEC  Specific (ation), specified 
SPP  Species 
SPS  Spirits 
SQ  Square (s) 
SQM  Square metre (s) 
SRAM  Static random access memory 
S/S  Stainless steel 
SST  Short standard (matches) 
STD  Standard 
STK  Stock 
STL  Standard litre 
SUB  Subsidiary 
SUBS  Substances 
SWG  Sweetening 
SWT  Sweetened 
SYN  Synthetic 
SYS  System 
TBS  Thousand tablets 
TELECOMMS  Telecommunications 
TEX  Textile 
TGH  Toughened 
TH  Thousand 
THL  Thousand litre 
THP  Thousand pair 
T/HR  Tonnes per hour 
TJ  Terajoule (gross calorific value) 
TKH  Tonnes potassium hydroxide 
TKO  Tonnes potassium oxide 
TM3  Thousand cubic metres 
TMP  Temperature 
TNI  Tonnes nitrogen 
TOD  Tonnes 90% dry 
TOG  Together 
TPP  Tonnes phosphorus pentoxide 
TRANSFM  Transformation 
T/REC  Cd-roms recorder
TSH  Tonnes sodium hydroxide 
TSS  Typescripts 
TV  Television 
TWO  Tonnes of tungsten trioxide 
U - Y
UA  Unit of account 
U/GMT  Under garments 
UNB  Unbleached 
UNVUL  Unvulcanised 
UV  Ultra violet 
VAL  Value 
VEG  Vegetable (s) 
VIZ  Namely 
VOL  Volume 
VUL  Vulcanised 
WDTH  Width 
WDTH/HGT/RAT  Width height ratio 
WGT  Weight 
W/H  Warehouse (d) 
WHG  Weighing 
WKD  Worked 
W/N  Whether or not 
W/O  Without 
WOV  Woven 
WO3  Kilogrammes of tungsten trioxide 
WTG  Writing 
YN  Yarn 
YRS  Years 
Special characters
Less than 
More than