Northern Ireland International Trade in Goods statistics

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Find out about the publication of statistics for Northern Ireland Trade in goods data.


As part of the Northern Ireland Protocol the UK is bound to collect and send trade data that corresponds to the movement of goods in and out of NI to the Statistical Office of the European Commission (Eurostat).


Eurostat publish the UK compiled trade in goods data for Northern Ireland on the Easy Comext website (opens in a new tab).

To navigate to this data within the Easy Comext interface follow the path:

Available datasets > International Trade >  Non-EU datasets > Trade of the United Kingdom (Northern Ireland) since 2021.

Data can be extracted for:

  • NI trade since 2021 by HS2-4-6 and CN8;
  • NI trade since 2021 by BEC (rev 4);
  • NI trade since 2021 by SITC;
  • NI trade since 2021 by CPA 2.1;
  • NI trade since 2021 by mode of transport (HS2-4-6);
  • NI trade since 2021 by mode of transport by NST/R

A comprehensive user guide (opens in a new tab) to Easy Comext and other useful metadata are available on the Eurostat website.

Policies and methodology

The Northern Ireland trade in goods data is compiled by HMRC following similar concepts to those for the published Overseas Trade Statistics. Details on OTS compilation methodology and policies relating to the publication of data (including data revision and suppression of data sensitive to national and business interests) can be found on our Get help with using our data page. This includes details of appropriate criteria and how to apply to HMRC for consideration of a commercial suppression, where a business may consider publication to be detrimental to their business.