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About Importers Details

HMRC has, for many years, released a limited set of importer information into the public domain via uktradeinfo. The law requires us to do this. Publishing accurate, reliable information about UK importers and their products has a number of benefits, including:

  • Providing greater visibility of UK importers to potential customers in the global market place
  • Enabling those who are part of the import supply chain, such as logistics or transportation companies, to identify potential customers more easily
  • Improving the effectiveness of marketing, market research and product development for the benefit of industry and consumers by encouraging entrepreneurial activities and enabling businesses to penetrate specific markets – providing or developing UK products as an alternative to imports
  • Allowing home manufacturers to identify and target importers of products that might be better sourced from the UK.

The information published are:

  • The importing business name, address and postcode
  • The eight-digit Combined Nomenclature code and description of the goods being imported
  • The month and year in which the goods were imported

The law that requires us to publish this information is the Finance Act 1988.

Although this facility is designed to assist UK businesses, importers’ confidentiality is protected and no details of markets, customers and market share are given or can be deduced. In particular:

  • No trade figures are included with the importer information
  • Where only a few companies have been engaged in importing the same types of goods during the same month, the details of those companies are not shown against those goods, but are reintroduced at a higher level of classification
  • Information on importers of certain sensitive goods is withheld to protect both those companies and the national interest

The database is updated each month with information taken from Customs declarations. It allows users to view and download the information (subject to capacity limitations) and can be searched by name, commodity code, goods description, postcode and county.

If you want your details excluded from the published importer information, please send your request to us by email to including your business’s name and VAT registration number.

Please note that a request to exclude a business from the published importer information sent to us by the 18th of the month will mean removal from the information published the following month. It is not possible for us to remove retrospectively information which has already been placed into the public domain.

If you have any questions relating to importer information please contact us by email at