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We hold a limited amount of data that can not be made available on this site due to capacity limitations - please see our User Support page.

If you have checked the site but can’t find what you are looking for, please Contact us.

Freedom Of Information

The Freedom of Information Act 2000 gives the public a general right of access to information held by public authorities. With the exception of personal information (access to which is covered by the Data Protection Act 1998) you can ask for any information at all, and you should be provided with a response within a month. However, some information may be withheld to protect various interests which are allowed for by the Act.

Most requests will be answered free of charge, although requestors may be asked to meet costs in certain circumstances. Requests may be refused if it is expected to cost more than £600 to find the information and prepare it for release. Further details regarding your rights under the Act can be obtained from the GOV.UK website.

The main HMRC website provides guidance regarding how to find information HMRC already publishes, as well as how to make requests for information under both the Freedom of Information and Data Protection Acts. It also lists circumstances where information will not be released.  

Trade Statistics requests 

Before making a request for UK trade statistics related data we request that you consider:
  • searching this site for the relevant data or information

  • seeking help to find the published data by contacting our Data User Support Team

  • asking our Data User Support team whether there is additional unpublished data that can be made available to you. See User Support and Understanding OTS Data for more information.

Our Data User Support team may be able to resolve a direct enquiry more quickly than a formal request under the Act due to the formal procedures that apply.  

Freedom of Information Disclosure Log  

The information and data released by HMRC Trade Statistics unit under the Freedom of Information Act 2000 can be viewed below. There are also other HMRC information releases.
Date Subject Period File
01/09/2017 African export trade data values (GBP), volumes (tonnes) and trader counts, 2015-2017 2015-Q1 2017
11/08/2017 Flintshire local area trade data values (GBP) and trader counts, 2014-2017 2014-Q1 2017
​15/06/2017 Number of Import and Export CHIEF Entry Declarations, 2015 and 2016 ​2015-2016
23/05/2017 Annual Yorkshire local area trade data value (GBP) and volumes (tonnes), 2015-2017 2015-2017
​03/04/2017 Scotland trade value (GBP) and volumes (tonnes) for selected SITC Sections 0, 1 & 4 ​2010-2016
02/12/2016 GB (England, Scotland and Wales) trade volumes (tonnes) for selected HS4 codes (dairy products) 2013-2015
22/11/2016 Export values for Wales for SITC 3 or 4 2013-2015
02/11/2016 GB (England, Scotland and Wales) trade value (GBP) for selected HS4 codes (dairy products) 2013-2015
07/10/2016 Derby Export values to selected countries for selected HS2 codes 2011-2014
27/09/2016 UK trade in goods Currency of Invoice value by decile for selected currencies 2014
​19/07/2016 North Wales export values and exporter numbers ​2015-2015 & Q1 2016
​18/07/2016 Import and export values by UK NUTS3 territorial units ​2009-2015
​20/05/2016 Northern Ireland import and export values by HS2 and mass ​2014-2015
​12/04/2016 Number of trade in goods exporters from Northern Ireland ​2008-2015
​23/02/2016 ​Total number of businesses trading with the EU and internationally 2013 2014 ​2013 to 2014
​21/08/2015 ​VAT registered businesses in the borough of Rochdale exporting goods to the EU ​2014 to 2015
​25/03/2015 Number of companies that have paid Intrastat penalties and the aggregate value of fines paid (January 2010 to 6 March 2015) ​2010 to 2015
01/05/2014​ Northern Ireland Trade with the World by SITC 3 and Value (£) 2008 to 2013​
07/01/2014​ Total UK Companies Submitting Dispatches to the EU 2002-13​ 2002 to 2013​
Imports and Exports Between Essex, USA and the Rest of the World 2010-2012​
2010 to 2012​
Non EU Import of General and Special trade 2010 – July 2013
2010 to 2013​
Commodity Codes Relating to The Consultation for the Reduction in Intrastat Arrivals Coverage​
03/08/2010 Imports into UK under TARIC under 441239000, 44129985 and 44129970 2007 to  2010
13/04/2010 Credibility Limits and Conversion Factors for Chapter 44
20/05/2009 Top 10 Products of Non-EU Imports and Exports by Air: General Trade 2008
30/04/2009 Imports of Plywood from Non EU countries at 10 Digit (combined Nomenclature Taric) Code Level 2004 to 2009
11/05/2005 UK Exports Within the EU (Dispatches) of Products Within the Commodity Code 93020010 1998 to 2004