Other Trade Data

Trade data from all EU Member States is also available from Eurostat (the statistical office of the European Union) via their Comext web database.
The United Nations also make trade data available via their Commodity Based Trade Database (ComTrade).
Trade and Investment statistics can be found on GOV.UK.
UK Balance of Payments statistics are published by the Office for National Statistics.
Trade data can also be obtained through commercial data retailers who have access to a wide range of datasets from across the World. Data retailers who have access to UK OTS data include (alphabetically):
Business & Trade Statistics Ltd - www.worldtradestats.com
Global Trade Information Services - www.gtis.com
Global Trade Tracker - www.globaltradetracker.com
Quintero Hermanos Ltd - www.sicex.com/en/
Tradeviews - www.tradeviews.net
BrightSprings Group Ltd - www.brightspringsgroup.com
Parkway Logic Ltd - www.parkwaylogic.com
Trade Data Monitor - www.tradedatamonitor.com
Trade Data Centre - www.tradedatacentre.com
Inclusion of these details does not constitute an endorsement by HMRC, and it reserves the right to remove them at any time.