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Please note: Due to the size of the Agriculture and Transport category files available from this page becoming unwieldy both have been split into their component parts.








This page contains trade data tables that have been created to the specifications of individual customers.
To help with navigation, each file has been allocated to one of the five categories shown below.

There has been a methodological change to the way our trade-in-goods statistics are compiled. This is due to a change in legislation affecting the way in which goods are declared to Customs. From the May 2016 month of account, trade-in-goods statistics have been compiled using the ‘Special Trade’ system. All trade-in-goods statistics prior to May 2016 were compiled using the ‘General Trade’ system.

Further information regarding the two methodologies is outlined in the Overseas Trade Statistics Methodology Paper.


​Agriculture category files July 2020

Alcohol category files July 2020

Energy category files July 2020

category files July 2020