Suppressions and Revisions


HMRC aim to publish as much of the collected, detailed trade data as possible. However, we are obliged to protect sensitive business and national interests through preventing disclosure where there is a clear requirement to do so. Consequently some sensitive information is suppressed in OTS publications, predominantly at the request of businesses with the majority of trade.

Aggregated,and thus non-attributable data is included at Chapter (2-digit) level, but the detail of this information will not appear at 4- or 8-digit level. If you are using our interactive data tables you are advised to run a separate enquiry at 2-digit, Suppressed Data, and World level, in the Chapter(s) in which you are interested, so that you can compare the results to establish whether there is any suppressed data at the lower levels. If you select this enquiry alongside lower level information enquiries, the resulting tables appear very complicated. A separate enquiry is recommended to avoid confusion.


Published data are provisional up to a maximum of 18 months from when they are first published. During this period figures are revised because of late response by declaring businesses (EU trade). Provisional values of some goods originally on consignment for sale may be amended (e.g. fresh fruit and vegetables), and correction may be required for errors subsequently identified (e.g. where there has been misclassification of goods, or the basis of valuation is incorrect). These regular updates to provisional data are published monthly in accordance with the regular release timetable for the data concerned, and are formally referred to as 'scheduled revisions'.

Where large scale omissions or errors are identified after finalisation of the data (18 months after first publication), 'unscheduled revision' (or historical revision) of the final data may be required. Unscheduled revisions are announced in advance as a news item hosted on this website, and published to coincide with the latest timetabled release of the relevant dataset. Both scheduled and unscheduled revisions are conducted in accordance with the 'OTS Policy on Revisions to Data' (see 'Policies and Methodology' in 'About OTS') and the Code of Practice for Official Statistics.

Announcement of Revisions to Historical Data

Trade Statistics routinely conduct quality assurance and checking procedures which can identify errors made where businesses have incorrectly declared in a commodity code or country, which can lead to a revision to past trade. These revisions are carried out in accordance with the UK Statistical Authority Code of Practice for Official Statistics and the HMRC Trade Statistics Revision Policy (both of which can be found in the Related Links section on this page).

​Title ​Type ​Released
2008-2014 Revisions Report 10 July 2015
2005-2012 EU Revisions Report ​15 July 2014
​2007-2011 Non-EU Revisions ​Report ​10 July 2014
​2008-2011 RTS Revisions ​​Report ​6 June 2013
​2011 EU Revisions ​​Report ​14 May 2013
​2008-2011 Non-EU Revisions Report ​10 May 2013
2007 and 2008 Revisions ​Report ​19 Jan 2013
2007 and 2008 Revisions ​FAQ's ​19 Jan 2013
​2006 and 2007 Revisions ​​Report ​13 Jan 2013