HMRC formally releases the UK Overseas Trade Statistics every month, and Regional Trade Statistics every three months, both as online publications within this site. Detailed trade data is made available at the same time within the Build Your Own Tables interactive database. Data is available from 1996 to the current month of release (see Timetable of Releases). Some pre-prepared data tables are also available in the latest release areas.

Other Data

HMRC also holds a limited amount of trade data that could not be published here due to capacity or quality limitations (e.g. number of consignments). It may be possible to release some of this data, subject to appropriate disclosure control (see below). This does not include Regional Trade Statistics data, as data confidentiality restrictions limit further breakdown. If you are unable to find the data you are looking for, you are advised to contact our Customer Service team for help.
Customers should note that HMRC are not resourced to provide 'bespoke' products where self-service options are available. We reserve the right to recover costs from the requestor on the rare occasions that a 'tailor-made' product is supplied. HMRC pricing guidelines will apply (see Related Links).
Active disclosure control will be applied to all such requests, to protect the confidentiality of individual businesses. No disclosive data cells - or disclosive by differencing against already published data - will be released. Resource constraints may prove to be a limiting factor regarding what HMRC can agree to provide. Any data released will be subject to copyright (see link in page footer).