UK Statistics Authority (UKSA)

​The Statistics and Registration Service Act 2007 gives the UKSA a statutory power to assess sets of statistics against the Code of Practice for Official Statistics.

Assessment determines whether it is appropriate for the statistics to be designated as National Statistics. Designation as National Statistics means that the statistics comply with the Code of Practice.

The latest assessment report confirmed the designation of Trade Statistics & Customs Analysis National Statistics products. National Statistics products are regularly assessed, for which the UKSA publishes a Programme of Assessment for scheduled reviews.​​

HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC)

Peer Review

Trade Statistics & Customs Analysis operates a system of peer review on all data that it publishes. All data undertakes a sense check from an alternate statistician to ensure the quality of the data produced and safeguard from any errors. This check provides an additional level of assurance for the data and reduces any risk of bias or misinterpretation of the information analysed.


Trade Statistics & Customs Analysis is accountable to regular HMRC internal audits to ensure that the department's risk management, governance and internal control processes are operating effectively and efficiently.


The European Statistics Code of Practice sets the standard for developing, producing and disseminating European Statistics.

Peer reviews also take place to enhance the integrity and independence of all Member States.