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2017 Combined Nomenclature

2017 Combined Nom​enclature (Excel version: codes, text & quantities only) - please see official CN for full details.

CN Documents

CN Information  

As with any classification system, there is always a need for revision to reflect changes and developments etc. The CN changes on an annual basis, as from 1st January. This page provides a link to some guidance on how to go about proposing a change, e.g. for a new or upcoming product of which data could assist in monitoring markets. Also provided are details of other proposals made by, for example, other Member States, European Trade Federations, or from the sectors of European Commission itself. Interested parties are invited to put forward their opinions, 'for', 'against' or just their views on the proposals, which will then contribute to the UK representative’s briefing for the EU Committee at which the proposals are discussed.  

Proposing a Change to the Combined Nomenclature (CN) (doc)



The attached documents are unaltered from their original text. If you have any comments on the proposals - for, against or otherwise, please respond to the Email contact on this page, by the date indicated. Your contribution will be included within the UK delegate’s briefing when the proposals are discussed at EU level. Likewise, for customers unfamiliar with the format or who require any further information; or who have any comments on this service. 

Proposed CN changes for 2017

The CN changes on an annual basis (as from 1st January) and the European Commission tries to keep changes to the minimum.

However, the Harmonised System (HS) forms the actual basis of the CN. As this system is at a higher 'world' level, it has to meet the needs of some 200 countries. It is reviewed by the World Trade Organisation in five yearly cycles – with the next restructuring for 2017. Therefore there are considerably more amendments than in a ‘normal year.

To assist in the planning for 2017, the attached document (which is unaltered from its original text) details the proposed changes. These should only be treated as proposals (the final approved changes will be available at the end of October) at this stage but we hope they will you an idea of the changes to help plan ahead.



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