Notice of amendment to an export declaration (C81)

This section is Trade data

Use this service to make changes to export / re-export declarations. Get help using the C81 amendment form.

Before you start

The C81 is used for statistical purposes only. You should enter the details from the original entry amending details as required. 

Completion of this form should not be considered as automatically fulfilling your legal obligation to pre-entry at export/re-export or be used in any retrospective claims for duty relief. 

For Customs Special Procedures such as: 

    • Customs warehousing (CW)
    • Inward processing (IP)
    • Outward processing relief (OPR) 
    • Temporary admission (TA)

you must also annotate your records if you are amending a Customs Procedure Code (CPC).

All quantities and values (in pounds sterling) are to be entered to the nearest whole number. Please do not include decimals or fractions.

Need further guidance?

If you require further guidance on the completion of this form, please use one of the services available on the Imports and exports: general enquiries list to contact HM Revenue & Customs.

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